Dark (Blood Moon, Texas Shifters #1) by Kat Kinney

Dark (Blood Moon, Texas Shifters #1) - Kat Kinney

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Dark is the first book in the Blood Moon, Texas Shifters series and it introduces us to a world where shifters and vampires are not the best of friends, where you can be turned by sex or a bite, and where the thunderstorms are FIERCE!

The story itself is a simple one. Unrequited love, up-and-coming band, kidnappings, stalkers, silver addiction, did I say simple? The world-building is fulfilling enough as it is set in contemporary Texas (as you might have guessed from the series title!). Although I have never been, it was easy enough to 'see' this world.

If I had any complaints, I would mention the transitions in some of the scenes. A couple of times, I was confused between what was actually happening and what had already happened but was being remembered. Another time was right at the start. Was Hayden speaking to Ellie in the car or was she remembering the conversation?

Told from the first perspective from both Hayden and Ethan, this was a fast-paced story with plenty of action to balance out the blooming second-chance romance between our two main characters. I would love to know more about Ethan's brothers as I wasn't sure at the end just what was happening but that's probably just me.

A great start to a new series by a new-to-me author but one that I hope to continue with. Definitely recommended by me.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

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Strays (Werewolf Academy #1) by Cheree Alsop

Strays (Werewolf Academy #1) - Cheree Alsop

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Strays is the first book in the Werewolf Academy series and is a spin-off from the Silver series. As you may know if you follow my reviews, that last book about killed me and was the very thing that set me onto this series. This one focuses on Alex and Cassie, Jet's younger twin siblings.


In the Academy, you are not split into years. You are split into Packs but for one year only. Alex and Cassie are usually one of the last to be picked so it comes as a huge surprise when one of the newcomers picks Alex to be his Second. Usually the Packs stay divided between Lifers and Termers but Alex shakes things up by giving Jericho names of both, in the hope of making a strong, all-rounded Pack.


I love Cheree Alsop's worlds. I really do! This one drew me in just as much as Silver did. It was great to see Jaze and the others that bit older. I'm still not keen on Chet but he does provide a great counter-balance to Dray. With excitements, hormones, hunts, training, this is a fast-paced book that still managed to have me in tears!


Seriously, this is an amazing start to the series with a new cast of brilliant characters, supported by old characters that I adore. I can't wait to continue and have no hesitation in recommending this book.


* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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TOUR, EXCERPT & #GIVEAWAY - La Paloma by Willard Thompson

La Paloma - Willard Thompson

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When Teresa Diaz's father is arrested in an ICE raid in a Los Angeles area city and deported back to Mexico, her family begins to come apart. She is a student at UCLA on a scholarship for undocumented aliens (Dreamers) looking to have a life in the U.S. in communications. Her brother in High school and her elementary school sister begin having serious troubles without a father in the household.


At work in a fast-food drive-through, Teri, as she wants to be known is approached by a Mexican gangbanger who offers to take you to her father. Doubting the guy wants more than picking her up, she resists, but day by day, as her sister is sent home from school and her brother is brought home dunk by the police, she gives in and goes across the border with him. Against her wishes, he takes her to a beach house in Tijuana and leaves her. She learns that illegal activities are going on in the house but without transportation, and without a birth certificate --either Mexican or American-- she can't cross the border alone.


After several days, virtually a prisoner, the owner of the house, a fat woman known as Mama Gorda arranges to get her across the border with a young Mexican man who rides a fast motorcycle. On the way, he takes her to lunch and there offers to talk her deeper into Mexico to find her father. She agrees, travels in his private plane and begins a romance while searching for her father in Michoacan state. The more she becomes involved, the more she is involved in activities she doesn't understand but suspects they're illegal.


Returning to Monte Vista, her LA area home, still without her father, she finds she can no longer return to UCLA, seeks a job, connects with a Latina who bullied her he school. When her brother is arrested for jobbery, Teri returns to Mexico seeking help from the people she suspects to belong to a cartel.


Ultimately, she is sponsored by the people in Mexico to participate in the Miss Mexico contest, not realizing it is the Cartel that is promoting her. In the end, she will face a life-changing decision whether to continue her romance with the son of the cartel's head or try to stand on her own. And whether to remain in Mexico or return to LA.


TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - Murder on the Mountain (Marshall Brothers #1) by Carolyn LaRoche

Murder on the Mountain (Marshall Brothers #1) - Carolyn LaRoche

@HotTreePromos, @Archaeolibrary, @debbiereadsbook, @CarolynLaRoche, #MotM_Release #CarolynLaRoche #RomanticSuspense #HTPubs, 3 out of 5 (good)


She trusts him with her life, but can she trust him with her heart?


Emma Thomas hasn’t been home in years. Only back in Staunton for a few months, she plans to put her investigative reporter skills to use in exposing the trafficking group using her peaceful, idyllic hometown to move drugs. But when she stumbles onto more than drugs, bullets start flying and she has to ask the one person she left Virginia to avoid for help.


Detective Adam Marshall has been working this cartel case for months. On the precipice of breaking the organization wide open, he can’t believe the one woman he’d never been able to get over now holds the key to closing his case. His head warns him to steer clear, but his heart won’t let him walk away when Emma’s life is on the line.


Thrown together by chance after so many years, Adam and Emma work together to break the biggest case of both of their careers and heal some old wounds in the process. Falling in love wasn’t on the docket for either of them, but things don’t always go as planned.

A Dark Spring (Stories That Twist & Tangle)
A Dark Spring (Stories That Twist & Tangle)
A Dark Spring (Stories That Twist & Tangle) - R.M. Gilmore, M. (Mary) Billiter, Barb Shuler, Kim Deister, Laura N. Andrews, Kenneth Jobe, Ricky Wells, M.C. St. John

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Eight original tales of suspense that will tangle your senses and keep you gripped. From murder to the unknown, the everyday world is explored in these tension-fuelled and twisted novellas. Be prepared to get tangled.




A Tangled Oracle by Laura N. Andrews

In Oracle Vardalos’s dreams, people are murdered. News stories follow and the evidence piles up against her. She must save those she loves; even if it’s from herself.


The Burning Rock by M. Billiter

They agreed it would be easier this way. Still, when it was over, all that remained was an empty saddle and a closed casket.


Tangled Love by Kim Deister

He's the Gomez to her Morticia, the center of her world. But everything changes when Tessa sees something she was never supposed to see. Love and sanity become tangled, leaving her teetering on the edge of the cliff, wondering if her life will ever be the same again.


Gnarled by R.M. Gilmore

Carter Kennedy returns to her father’s hometown after nearly twenty years to claim her inheritance. She quickly discovers why her father had kept her and her brother away from Scully’s Hollow and the people who inhabit it.


Early Retirement by Kenneth Jobe

Loyal husband and hard-working employee Richard Griffith has his world turned upside down. When he is dealt yet another bad hand and uncovers the identity of his wife's lover, he reaches his breaking point.


Tangled Obsession by Barb Shuler

Injured and stranded on a mountain with the sun setting and no help in sight, Elsa Malloy has only two options—fight or die. Believing her loved ones are dead, and fighting against the elements of the mountain, Elsa is left to fend off a sadistic killer alone.


We Only Want to Play by M.C. St. John

Teacher aide Julie Trudeau has noticed something odd among the remaining summer school students: they are playing a game of Telephone without moving their lips. When recess turns violent, it's up to Julie and a ragtag group of staff and students to survive after the last school bell.


The House on Oak Street by Ricky Wells

Spring break approaches and three middle schoolers look forward to their mini-vacation. But when one of them goes missing, Ann and Roger find that no one will listen to them. It’s up to them to rescue their friend or are they the next victims of the House on Oak Street?


TOUR, EXCERPT & #GIVEAWAY - Diver’s Paradise by Davin Goodwin

Diver's Paradise - Davin Goodwin

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After 25 years on the job, Detective Roscoe Conklin trades his badge for a pair of shorts and sandals and moves to Bonaire, a small island nestled in the southern Caribbean. But the warm water, palm trees, and sunsets are derailed when his long-time police-buddy friend back home, is murdered.


Conklin dusts off a few markers and calls his old department, trolling for information. It’s slow going. No surprise, there. After all, it’s an active investigation, and his compadres back home aren’t saying a damn thing.


He’s 2,000 miles away, living in paradise. Does he really think he can help? They suggest he go to the beach and catch some rays.


For Conklin, it’s not that simple. Outside looking in? Not him. Never has been. Never will be.


When a suspicious mishap lands his significant other, Arabella, in the hospital, the island police conduct, at best, a sluggish investigation, stonewalling progress. Conklin questions the evidence and challenges the department’s methods. Something isn’t right.


Arabella wasn’t the intended target.


Crimson Hunter (Fairy Tale Fatale #1) by N.D. Jones

Crimson Hunter (Fairy Tale Fatale #1) - N.D. Jones

@booksirens, #Dark, #Fantasy, #Paranormal, 5 out of 5 (exceptional)


CRIMSON HUNTER is the first book in the Fairy Tale Fatale series. There is a bit of time jumping here - we start in the present, go back to the past, before working back to the present. This gives you a great insight into the background of what has happened and why.


This story deals with the subjugation of both the main parties - witches and wolves. It explains the history and what happens to both sides as they grow up. I honestly can't say which side has it better or worse!


The characters themselves are amazing. Some of them are lovely and you are left with a lump in your throat as you try to figure out just what has happened. Others are downright manipulative (you'll figure out who!) although they do have a heart - it's just misguided through their own pasts.


This is a rich and intricate world with plenty of rules and traditions in place. I would love to read more about this world and, hopefully, hear more about Oriana and Marrok! Most definitely recommended by me.


* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *


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TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - Winning Her (Perfect Stats #1) by Amber Malloy

Winning Her (Perfect Stats #1) - Amber Malloy

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Winning Her is the first book in the Perfect Stats series and we focus on Bane and Dahl, both African-Americans and successful in their own ways. Bane is frustrated because he is blocked by the owner and the coach at the club he works for and constantly feels like he needs to be prepared for the chop. Dahl is an award-winning chef with plenty of TV shows and books behind her. At this point, she is helping her cousin with her restaurant in a vain attempt to keep it afloat.

Now, hold onto your hats, because there is LOT that goes on in this book. I'm still not actually sure when Bane crosses the line of wanting to get back at his ex-wife and just wanting her. I'm also not sure about a lot of went on in this book simply because there is so much. You have all the intrigue of the sports world, the cooking/baking world, drop-beat cousins, cheating cousins, a stalker nanny, (another) ex-wife and her anchor job, and a custody case - to name just a few 'themes' in this story. Due to this, it took me a while to get into it because I just couldn't figure out what was going on!

Once I got into it, I did enjoy the story but I had to work at it. I thoroughly enjoyed the ending and would love to know more about Warner. As for Bane and Dahl, I liked them but found the whole thing a bit too confusing for my tastes.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

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His Accidental Daddy - Luna David

TOUR & REVIEW - His Accidental Daddy by Luna David - @_GayRomReviews, (FB - gayromancereviews), @AuthorLunaDavid, @Archaeolibrary, @debbiereadsbook, #MM, #Contemporary, #Romance, #Daddy, #Kink, #AgeGap, 4 out of 5 (very good)

When a terrible accident brings the two men together, neither of them expect their intense connection.
Salt+Stilettos (South Beach Romance #1) - Janet Walden-West

TOUR, EXCERPT & US #GIVEAWAY - Salt+Stilettos (South Beach Romance #1) by Janet Walden-West - @Archaeolibrary, @JanetWaldenWest, #Contemporary, #Romance
TOUR, EXCERPT & #GIVEAWAY - Counting on Trust (Audio Book) by Mary Ferguson Powers - @GoddessFish, @Archaeolibrary, #Mystery, #Suspense
In this suspense-charged, touching novel, Counting on Trust, information is stolen from a U.S. genetic engineering company (Omniprotein) by an employee promised payment by a Chinese general who wants to profit from selling the company’s technologies in the military region of China he commands.

Midnight Redemption by Ariel Burnz

Midnight Redemption (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles #6) - Arial Burnz

@Archaeolibrary, @arialburnz, #Paranormal, #Romance, 4 out of 5 (very good)


Midnight Redemption is the finale of the Bonded by Blood series and you are in for an explosive, non-stop-action read!


Although you could read this as a standalone, I do believe you would get the most out of it if you do read it as a series. After all, characters and previous lives are mentioned (some in great detail) so I think it would help to know just what is going on and who is who!


Anyway, things have changed a lot since the last book. Broderick buried himself in a crypt, thinking he was doing the right thing. Anthony has been carrying on with the business. Davina thought her mum was insane and said mum ended up in a mental hospital. Phew! And into that numerous characters from other books including the Norse Wolves (yey!!!!) and there really is so much going on.


This is one helluva finale! One I have waited for and am NOT disappointed in the result. The only thing I would say is that because of the previous lives mentioned I sometimes got confused. All that means though is that I will be re-reading this as a complete series now it is complete - to get the full enjoyment, you understand!


Midnight Eclipse is still my favourite in the series but this one comes a close second. Absolutely recommended by me!


* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *



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TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - The Selkie's Coat (Waves of Fate #1) by Drea Roman

The Selkie's Coat (Waves of Fate #1) - Drea Roman

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The Selkie's Coat is the first book in the Waves of Fate series and we start off with a seal (obviously!) shifter and a human omega. In this omegaverse, shifters are common knowledge, human omega's are rare, and new things are being learnt all the time.


Gregory is amazed to find his fated mate when he is so young - only 100 plus years - and is determined to do the right thing and give his human mate a chance to learn about what a fated mate is. This goes against what his inner animal wants to do and causes strife between the two of them. Daniel hadn't known a human omega could even mate with a shifter so the whole thing came as a surprise to him. He is fascinated by Gregory, even more so when he gets a glimpse of his seal speaking through Gregory's human body. Understandably, though, his feelings swing like a pendulum as he doesn't understand just what is going on.


This is a lovely slow-burn romance with a sweet Alpha and a headstrong Omega. Sometimes I wanted to whomp Daniel upside the head as he seemed to swing so much and vent his frustrations on the wrong person. Don't get me wrong, I liked Daniel but sweet Gregory was the one I fell for.


One thing I loved straight away in this book is the amount of shifters here - and it's not always cats or wolves! Scenting their mate is a big thing in most paranormal books but in this one, because Gregory is a water shifter, for him it's the sound of Daniel's voice. I loved that!!! The oh-so-simple idea that different shifters have different ways of knowing their mates.


TOUR, EXCERPT & #GIVEAWAY - A Venomous Love (The Bloodstone #3) by Chris Karlsen

A Venomous Love (The Bloodstone #3) - Chris Karlsen

@partnersincr1me​ (@PICVirtualTours - FB), @Archaeolibrary, @chriskarlsen1, #Historical, #Suspense


The killer whispered-“A pretty damsel...worth a pretty risk."


A veteran, Detective Rudyard Bloodstone has fought a brutal battle and witnessed war horrors that haunt his nightmares. Now one of those horrors has followed him home from Africa.


A vicious predator, the Cape cobra, can kill a man in thirty minutes. A suspect using the snake as a weapon in robberies is terrorizing London.


When the crimes escalate into murder, a victim’s daughter, Honoria Underhill, becomes the focus of the killer. After several attempts on her life, Scotland Yard threatens to take over the high profile case. With few leads to follow, Bloodstone and his partner must now fight department politics and catch the killer before Underhill becomes another murder victim.


TOUR, EXCERPT & #GIVEAWAY - Ten Seconds to Dead by L.A. Clayton

Ten Seconds to Dead - L.A. Clayton

@XpressoTours, @Archaeolibrary, #Adult, #Thriller


Ten seconds may be all she has left …


Kate Edison witnesses her father’s death and, in order to keep his memory alive, decides to follow in his footsteps by joining the CIA. She molds herself into becoming exactly what the CIA is looking for—and captures their interest, both personally and professionally. But before she can finish the CIA process, Kate is offered a position as an espionage agent in another highly secretive government agency, which she accepts.


While completing her agency training, Kate is catapulted into a shadowy world where wealth and power are the ultimate goal, and those in charge will stop at nothing to get it. While on the job, Kate uncovers secrets that, if revealed, would cost her life, but if kept, could bring down a nation. Isolated and unsure of who to trust, she brings in a fellow agent, but pulling him into the web of conspiracy and lies puts a target on both their backs – and it will take every skill they’ve ever learned as agents to stay alive long enough to stop the enemy no one else can see.


TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - The Secret Brokers by Alexandrea Weis

The Secret Brokers - Alexandrea Weis

@XpressoTours, @Archaeolibrary, @debbiereadsbook, @alexandreaweis, #Adult, #Romance, #Suspense, #Thriller, 4 out of 5 (very good)


Dallas August runs a dangerous business—an organization of elite spies for hire.


The secrets trade.


Nothing is off limits, and no price is too high.


When asked to uncover what recluse Gwen Marsh knows about a Mafia kingpin’s death, Dallas poses as a bodyguard to get close to his target, but the stubborn Asian beauty wants nothing to do with him. As the FBI and the Mafia close in, danger drives them together, but can he protect Gwen, or will Dallas be the one risking everything to discover what she is really hiding?


Dallas August is about to find out how dangerous life can be as one of the Secret Brokers.


Once you are in, there is no turning back.