Yes, Forever by Bailey Bradford

Yes, Forever - Bailey Bradford
This is the story of John and Benji. John suffers from a mental illness, a chemical imbalance which causes depression. Benji has just moved in with his granddad due to his previous relationship breaking down. These two have instant chemistry but have their own roadbumps to sort out before things smooth out.
This is a story with many parts - you not only have John with his depression, you have Benji with his own issues, plus John's best friend Henry with his. You also have families thrown into the mix, the issue of having sex without protection, and a 'gay' church. 
I found it difficult to find any empathy with either of the main characters. I would lean more towards John as I have also suffered with depression and can understand his feelings. Benji didn't come across quite as Bailey Bradford wanted him to I think. I'm glad these two are together, but they didn't 'grab' me like other characters of hers have. 
 * I received this book from Pride Publishing in return for a fair and honest review. *
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