The Rebellious Pet (Alien Slave Masters #2) by Samantha Cayto

The Rebellious Pet (Alien Slave Masters Book 2) - Samantha Cayto
We first met Joel in The Captain's Pet, where the story involved Wid and Captain Kell. This time, Joel has gone a space station with his Master as Firth has become ill. They are hoping that the healing waters of the station will enable him to recover. Lalith, the ruling matriarch of the space station, decrees that Arath is in charge of Joel. He is thus passed from one Master to another, with everything that goes with that. Arath is a strong character, with his own set of standards and foibles. These two come to an understanding, and Joel also makes friends with a cadet called Wen. Just as he thinks his life is bearable, he uncovers a plot which could change everything.
This was exceedingly well-written, with a fast but smooth pace that builds up to a climatic ending. There was a twist with the females that literally had me laughing out loud. Joel and Arath have a satisfying ending to their story, but I hope to see more of them in the future. With no editing or grammatical errors that I found, this is a wonderful addition to the Alien Slave Masters series. These books come with a Reader's Advisory - please take note of it as these are not to everyone's taste!
* I received this book from Pride Publishing in return for a fair and honest review. *
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