Rebels (The Reverians #2) by Sarah Noffke

Rebels (The Reverians) (Volume 2) - Sarah Noffke
This is the second book in the Reverians series, and continues after a three-month break. Those three months aren't lost in the aether though, we learn how Em and Rogue have lived together and what they have achieved during that time. Em goes back to Austin Valley though, and that is to try and save Rogue. His headaches are becoming more debilitating and she fears for him. 
WOW! This book is jam-packed full of emotion, so consider yourself warned already. We find out more about Vider's plans and just how atrocious that man is. If you're looking for a 'big bad' with redeeming qualities, you've got the wrong series. This man is evil, through and through. We also get a glimpse of how it began when Rogue's mom plays an important role in bringing things to a head. 
The emotional pain keeps on coming for Em, with hits coming from every direction, including her father and sister. It might be wrong, but I was smiling at a certain part involving them, even knowing that Em would be guilt-ridden because of it!
This is so incredibly well-written, from the first word to the last. *Fair warning* - I said it was emotional, the ending tore out my heart, ripped it into tiny pieces and then stomped all over it! In other words, you 'might' need to have a kleenex handy!!!
Absolutely and definitely recommended. I definitely need the third book in this series, Warriors. I'm simply not prepared for my Reverian adventure to end.
* I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review. *
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