Three of a Kind by Sean Michael

Three of a Kind - Sean Michael
Zane is a young man, still under-age to drink, and has escaped from a short but damaging 'relationship'. He is beaten up, with no money, and a run-down truck, but he keeps going. He has to find something to live for. What finds him, or rather, WHO finds him is Butch. Butch is currently working two jobs, but still finds the time to help someone stuck at the side of the road. Zane goes home with Butch and is introduced to Butch's partner, Randy.
The part that I enjoyed about this book is that all three characters are completely different from each other. With their own sets of foibles, these three find ways to complement each other, without it being hard work. 
An easy-going, easy-flowing story, this isn't all fluffy and light as Zane's full story comes out. I am glad that he was able to work through things, with Butch and Randy's help. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, this is an enjoyable read. Definitely recommended.
* I received this book from Pride Publishing in return for a fair and honest review. *
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