Water Weaver (Wraidd Elfennol #1) by Morgan Sheppard

Water Weaver - Morgan Sheppard
This book has certainly earned the #Epic tag - at over 600 pages on my kindle, this is a book that you can submerge yourself into. However, it certainly doesn't feel like that amount when you are reading it as the pages almost turn themselves as the story carries you along.
The characters are all well-developed and grow throughout the story as they have to learn how to work together, using and acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses. There are not only the four human main characters, but also we have four animal Life Partners too, who all have their own individual characters and quirks.
With a smooth and flowing pace, and a gentle tone, this book is suitable for all ages, with no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes that I noticed. Highly recommended.
* I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review. *
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