Wanton with a Vampire by Cassandra Lawson

Wanton with a Vampire (Psy-Vamp Book 5) - Cassandra Lawson

Oh, how I loved this book. Trish is such a likeable character, I'm really pleased that she got her own book. Trish is known for being sweet and polite, also for flirting when her back is against the wall, as she hates upsetting people. The reasons for all of this become clear as her story unfolds. She is the perfect foil for the "ultimate man-whore", Alek. Alek has been fascinated by Trish from the first time he met her, but given she was under the protection of Roman, and because he also thought she was too good for him, he has restricted his interest to flirting and an occasional kiss. This all changes when Trish has an accident.


The flirtations and sexual tension between these two is simply off the page. I loved how Trish's attitude came out more and more. She is no wilting wallflower, and she also shows extraordinary compassion for Drew. Now he is one of my favourite characters and I'm really hoping he gets his own book. I really want him to be happy, and having Trish in his corner is simply wonderful. Alek has some revelations to work through of his own.


Well-written, with no editing or grammatical errors that I could see, this was thoroughly enjoyable and definitely one to recommend!


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