Dragon Star (Shifter Football League #1) by Aurora Reid

Dragon Star (A Shifter Football League Novel) - Aurora Reid

If you like Dragon shifters, then this is one for you. In this world, shifters have their own (American) football league. In one team, there are two dragon shifter - Jae, a red dragon, and Nico, a silver one. Cass is the human therapist on the team's payroll but sequestered away at Jae's side where she does not want to be. A chance meeting with Nico is the spark to long thought out plans to make her break away from Jae. However, Jae has a big portion of anger, along with a side of psychotic, so things won't be as easy or straight-forward as Cass or Nico would like.


This is a well-written story, with no editing or grammatical errors that I could see. However, the constant to-and-fro of whether Cass would be with Nico, and just how 'strong' she actually was, seemed to go on a bit. On the whole though, this was a thoroughly enjoyable and fantastical read, brimming with shifters of both good and bad definitions. I've also read about an alligator shifter for the first time! Definitely recommended.


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