Max and the Prince (Bodyguards Inc. #3) by R.J. Scott

Max and the Prince (Bodyguards Inc. Book 3) - R.J. Scott
In this instalment of Bodyguards Inc, we meet Max - the young, fresh-faced bodyguard who is charged with looking after a Prince three years his junior. The Prince (Luke/Lucian) has been getting some very strange letters - ranging from friendly to sinister. It is Max's job to ensure that Lucian is able to finish his final year at Cardiff University without mishap. Of course, things would be easier if he didn't have a friend in need and a drug dealer to contend with.
This is the lightest book so far of the series, with Max seeming a bit distant from Kyle and Ross. Don't get me wrong, the job still gets done, but there just seemed to be 'something' missing but I'll be danged if I know what. Also, I'm not entirely sure how the letter sender managed to do what he did and see what he saw when I thought he lived elsewhere. 
Still, that is by-the-by and this is still a wonderful book, full of amazing characters and a storyline to sink your teeth into. Definitely recommended by me.
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