Undercover Lovers (Bodyguards Inc. #4) by R.J. Scott

Undercover Lovers (Bodyguards Inc. Book 4) - R.J. Scott
Finally... I mean FINALLY, Kyle and Ross get their story. Not only are they both involved in a case where they just need to watch someone, but we find out more about their back story and how they came to be. Both of them have their own defences, and neither of them is prepared to make the first move for fear of ruining their work relationship. However, a would-be relationship this hot just has to combust under the right circumstances.
This story is really well-written, with plenty of action and sexual tension to keep things interesting. With another couple as well as Kyle and Ross, everyone with their own secrets, this book is so easy to read, it almost turns its own pages! A brilliant addition to the Bodyguards Inc series, and some more added to the ongoing stapler saga too. Definitely recommended by me.
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