Mirror Bound by Leanne Herrera

Mirror Bound - Leanne Herrera

This story starts with a young lady called Anna who is sorting things out following her "Ma's" death. The story quickly moves on in leaps and bounds and suddenly Anna is a witch, from a line of witches and her mother is evil and wants her powers. Throw in John who is the love interest and a habit of winking at Anna (which I quickly found rather annoying, not lovable!)


This book has so much potential but it all feels rather rushed to me and certainly not enough depth to either the story or the characters. The majority of the book is leading up to the "Big Battle" but when it arrives, it is over so quickly I found myself re-reading it just to make sure I hadn't actually missed anything by accident. Anna and John are 'soul mates' but there is not romance or build up to it - they just are. Anna's twin sister, Emma, is also dead but you know next to nothing about her and how she died. Powers are bound to a mirror and BANG!, there you go, now move on.


Saying all of that though, it was enjoyable so long as you only want to flick along the surface of the book.


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