That Kind of Magic by Cerian Hebert

That Kind of Magic - Ceri Hebert, Cerian Hebert
Cerian Herbert has put this book together using a splash of romance, a dash of improbability, a hint of betrayal and plenty of spiciness! The characters in this story come across all too well as believable. There are funny moments, endearing moments, sad moments and time for you to just sit on the beach with Charlotte and Patrick and centre yourself! This is a good, old-fashioned romance with a cheeky and unpredictable Goddess Branwen who also goes by the name of Brandy when she's ordering a drink in a bar!

One of the major likes about this book is the main female is a Wiccan who runs a Pagan/New Age store (whatever you want to call it!) but Cerian hasn't brought in all the usual craziness that can happen whenever an author tries to describe how a witch lives. Charlotte is not the usual spell-casting witch who bumbles around but is a strong, confident Witch who knows her abilities and knows how she wants to follow her path, which is not one where spell-casting comes first!

The main male, Patrick, is the perfect foil for Charlotte and initially you would not think of putting them together but as the book goes on you can see more and more how they would balance each other out.

I am hoping there will be a follow on to this as I'm sure that Cassidy would be great in her own book!

A brilliant book and definitely one to keep!
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