The Cracked Slipper (The Cracked Slipper #1) by Stephanie Alexander

The Cracked Slipper - Stephanie Alexander
This story is basically Cinderella II (for those that have Disney films still in their lives) but more gritty and definitely not with a Prince Charming or a HEA.

Our princess, Eleanor, has to learn about the machinations of court life as well as dealing with Witches vs. Wizards; plus falling out of love with her soon to be husband and falling in love with his best friend.

This story showed promise and it always make a nice change when someone is prepared to try something a bit different but this just never seemed to fully deliver. The fantasy world had a lot going for it, with talking birds, unicorns, dragons and such. But for the actual 'mystery' of the book, well you could pretty much see it coming for miles and knew how it would be resolved. The ending of the story is very abrupt, although (as I have recently found out) this is part of a trilogy so there are other books to follow.

On the whole, it was an enjoyable read without being to deep; a love triangle which was different and animal characters to be liked.
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