Phoenix Freed (Phoenix #3) by Elise Faber

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Phoenix Freed (The Phoenix Series Book 3) - Elise Faber
This is the bittersweet ending to the Phoenix trilogy. We meet Daughtry and Cody as they are sickeningly (according to un-bonded people) in love, together on a soul level that can't be comprehended by someone not yet bonded. It is a time of quiet, but Daughtry can't relax as she feels like there is still something to come. 
Something does come... in the shape of her sister, Alex. To begin with, Daughtry can't remember her, but as she gets memory flashbacks, she understands more and wraps Alex into her life. Alex has had it tough, but she is a survivor. She is also a fantastic character! Yes, she gets hurt by comments and/or actions, but she doesn't just fly off the deep-end either. She takes a breath and tries to figure out if her hurt feelings were intentional or not. I loved that! 
Along with the story continuing for Daughtry and Cody, we also have stories involving the Dalshie, Alex, John, and Tyler. 
WOW, just wow! Phoenix Freed is incredibly well-written, with no editing or grammatical errors that could distract me. The story flows, the tension builds, there is happiness, there is sadness, there is horror where your breath catches in your throat. 
Although this is the end of this series, I am seriously hoping for some more in the LexTal Chronicles to go alongside Mason and Gabby's story. I don't think I'm quite ready to leave their world yet! Highly recommended by me.
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