Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom #1) by Marie Hall

Her Mad Hatter  - Marie Hall
I really enjoyed this book and it appears that I really liked the differences that other readers have hated! I LIKED the fact that the Mad Hatter was ........ well,.......... mad! I LIKED the fact that he was hot and sexual. I LIKED that Alice was already a fan of Wonderland and I really LIKED the fact that this wonderland was crazy, psychedelic, magic and NOT like the Disney film!

If you want a fairy godmother then I would ask for Danika as she has attitude. One of my favourite quotes in this book comes from her when she is thinking about her boys and Cinderella - "Why any self-respecting fairy godmother would pass them over for an inane twit who relied on animals to do her housecleaning was beyond her."

This story is crazy, fun, hot and makes reference to Johnny Depp which is never a bad thing! If you want a bit of madness in your life then read this short novella. Recommended for fans of Mercedes' Lackey's Five Hundred Kingdoms series.
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