Blood Hunger (Deathless Night #1) by L.E. Wilson

Blood Hunger (Deathless Night Series) (Volume 1) - L.E. Wilson
In the first book of the series, we meet with Emma and Nikulas. Emma is all alone in the world; her sister disappeared seven years ago and her parents are both dead. She had a childhood without friends, due to some unknown reason, although it is explained very well. Nikulas is a vampire, trying to cover for the disappearance of his brother seven years ago. When he realises that there may be a connection, he finds Emma to ask for her help. He doesn't realise that she is his mate until he gets the first taste of her blood. Then the fun really starts!
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Emma is one sassy female, attracted to Nikulas but not prepared to let that rule her. She finds herself in strange situations but deals with it honestly and with attitude. Nikulas needed a good kicking, and I'm glad that Aiden was there to 'help'!
With a new world, action, adventure, romance, steam, and danger, this is a story to enjoy.  Definitely recommended by me.
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