Highland Healer (Highland Talents #1) by Willa Blair

Highland Healer (Highland Talents Book 1) - Willa Blair
Highland Healer is the debut novel by Willa Blair. It tells the tale of Alieanna and Toran. She is a healer and he is a laird, caught up in a battle of the Highlands and both held captive.

Alieanna is a strong character, who has had to deal with things in her own way due to her Talent. Toran is a young man who wasn't expecting to become laird but has done everything in his power to take to his new role and make it his.

The secondary characters in this book are fantastic too. I loved Senga, Donal and even Coira - hopefully she will make a reappearance in a future book.

There is some steam in this book so I wouldn't recommend it for YAs but to everyone else - YES! If you want to get lost in the Scottish Highlands with a kilted hero to make you swoon, then give this book a go!
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