Highland Hearts by J.P. Bowie

Highland Hearts - J.P. Bowie
This book takes place in Scotland which I am sure is a massive surprise considering the title! Callum has a flat in Edinburgh, but goes to the Highlands to see the house that he has inherited from the grandfather he has never met, and now never will. Upon his arrival, he meets his next door neighbour and the spark between them is instantaneous. 
With a hint of the supernatural about it, just enough to give Callum a nudge, this story is well-paced and thought out. It moves smoothly, giving the characters enough time to get to know each other even if they do go to bed together the first night - because no one ever does that in real life, right?! 
This book simply ticked all my boxes. With excellent characters, whether you like them or not, a back story that completes the picture, romance, steam, supernatural, sadness, hope - it's all here. I loved every word and didn't want it to finish. Absolutely recommended by me.
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