Gol (The Legends of Ansu #1) by J.W. Webb

Gol  - J.W. Webb
In the reviews and synopsis of Gol, a comparison is made to Games of Thrones. Since reading this I can concur that, in my opinion, readers of GoTs will enjoy the Legends of Ansu! With a world set up with treachery, mad kings, Baron's daughters, and a blacksmith's son, plus the 'help' from otherworldly beings, this is an epic adventure to lose yourself in. 
Lissane and Erun Cade are star crossed lovers who want nothing more than to be together. Destiny will not allow this though, and they are cruelly parted. Lissane is actually told that Erun Cade is dead, and perhaps he is. At least the boy that she once knew is gone. Instead, he is honed and sharpened on an Isle that sounds a lot like that of Scáthach, of Irish Cú Chulainn fame, to become something that is so much more than what he once was. 
With different stories in play, the common thread is Erun Cade, later known as Kell. He is the link between them all, but you do get to see what happens to Lissane too. I will be honest here, and say that I didn't actually think much of her. She is a strong character, yes, but her prideful and cold nature doesn't exactly make her likeable - even when she is trying to be nice!
With elements of the Norse Gods, this is an epic tale that will take time to read so why not savour the time spent, and allow yourself to be swept away. Definitely recommended by me.
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