Lady Catherine's Secret (Secrets and Seduction #2) by Sheridan Jeane

Lady Catherine's Secret - Sheridan Jeane
The second book in the Secrets & Seductions series but a standalone (as they all are), Lady Catherine's Secret tells of her rise to 'Lady' from Miss, as well as her secret fetish... fencing! Now obviously, in 1853 ladies had very strict guidelines to follow and fencing was definitely something not on that list. Cat isn't about to let that stop her though, and uses an alias of Alexander Gray so that she can attend lessons. Things change though when a new Lord appears on the scene. With mischief and mayhem, will Cat keep her secret?
I loved this story! Sheridan Jeane conveys just how much Cat is breaking the rules, and what could happen if anyone finds out, with admirable aplomb! Weaving in deals gone sour, ladies chasing after a husband, blackmail and kidnap, as well as a cameo appearance by Cecilia of It Takes A Spy... fame, this story skips along at a steady pace, keeping you intrigued and delighted as you do so.
Very well written, with no editing or grammatical errors to distract the eye, this book is a solid read, thoroughly enjoyable in every way. Definitely recommended by me.
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