My Lady, My Spy (Secrets and Seduction #4) by Sheridan Jeane

My Lady, My Spy (Secrets and Seduction) (Volume 4) - Sheridan Jeane
This book is Frederick and Josephine's story - Robert's brother who we met in Once Upon A Spy. As such, the timing of this story runs parallel through most of it with circumstances that occur in Robert's story. Although it is not absolutely necessary to have read Robert's story, it does help with the understanding of certain aspects of Frederick's tale. 
This is the first book that doesn't have direct cameo's from previous characters, rather they are mentioned in passing. This doesn't take anyway away from this story, but rather enables the focus to remain on Frederick and Josephine.
Just as well-written as the previous books, this storyline once again flows with ease whilst still keeping you intrigued as to what will happen next. This book, and the series as a whole, are delightful to read - full of intrigue and passion whilst keeping (mainly) to the Victorian rules of etiquette. Definitely recommended by me.
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