Out on a Limb (Browerton University #2) by A.J. Truman

Out on a Limb - A.J. Truman
The second book in the Browerton University series only has one of the MCs actually attending the university. The second MC went there a 'few' years previously. So yes, there is an age difference in this book, and no, it's not all based in the university like book 1 was. This is definitely not a problem or issue, and I loved it for the fact that it was very different from book 1, whilst still having cameos with characters that we have previously met. 
Cameron and Walker are very different people, at different stages of their lives, yet find a connection between them. Is this something that they can work on, or is their time together just a temporary thing. 
The first half of this book is about how they meet, get to speak, and build on their connection. The second half shows what it is like when they go their separate ways, how it is for them both, and how they deal with what life throws at them. Both halves are different, but both halves definitely make the whole. The second half wouldn't be half as effective, if they didn't have the connection of the first half. 
Incredibly well-written, with no editing or grammatical errors to distract from the read, this book is both wholesome and steamy. With conversations with a six-year-old that I can definitely see as real (or at least compared to my own just seven-year-old), this book will make you smile as well as make you sad. No matter what you say, goodbyes are tough and sometimes it is easier to stay for all the wrong reasons, and even place the blame on someone else for your actions. 
Definitely recommended by me, an author to watch, and I can't wait to read more! 
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