A Dragon's Dream (Itayu Lake #1) by A.M. Halford

A Dragon's Dream - A.M. Halford
A Dragon's Dream starts off with Jason, a 'normal' Lake Dragon. He has suffered insult and verbal abuse from most of his family for most of his life and, due to what he has been told about what having a mate entails, he runs when he starts having prophetic dreams about his mate-to-be. He may not have a lot, but he doesn't want to end up subservient to someone else. Michel has been without his mate for years and yearns for him, so when he finally meets him, nothing will stop him!
This is a sweet and steamy book, as both Dragons go into heat when they meet. I really felt for Jason as it is hard to overcome your family's words, even when you know that they are not true. Michel was very patient with him, which was a delight to read. 
This is definitely the first book in the series, as the ending (and comments made during the book) leaves you on tenterhooks with what will happen next. Well written and thoroughly enjoyable, this is definitely recommended by me.
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