Safeword by Samantha Cayto

Safeword - Samantha Cayto
In Safeword we are immediately immersed into Carter's life, such as it is. He left home and found (or was found by) Winters. Through his time with him, Carter learns the brutal side of BDSM and that a safeword is just a trick. When he is given to Crow, he thinks that his time is up. When it becomes clear that Crow is different, Carter is determined to enjoy his time as a Sub, knowing that Winters won't be happy that he hasn't been hurt and will hurt him when his time with Crow is over. 
This is a short novella, and as such I had to go with the flow on some parts although I definitely wanted more information, such as how did Crow and co know about Carter? Although not insta-love, the connection between Carter and Crow happened a bit too quick for me, as well as the fact that Crow was straight.
Although short, this was well-written and fast-paced, a quick 'naughty' thrill of a read. 
* I received this book from Pride Publishing in return for a fair and honest review. *
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