Blossom and the Beast (The Alder Tales #1) by R.S. McCoy

Blossom and the Beast - R.S. McCoy
Okay, so this book is a Fairy Tale Retelling of Beauty and the Beast. With that in mind, I thought I had a fairly good idea of what to expect. Boy, was I wrong!
In Blossom and the Beast, Blossom is the youngest daughter of a clan chief. Her father has a fox for a totem animal, her three brothers are bears (!), and it is suspected that Blossom will be the same. She has a very inquisitive mind and struggles against the rules and traditions that bind her under the canopy. On a trip out of camp (when she shouldn't have been) she is spotted by Kaide. He immediately wants her in his life, and does whatever it takes to ensure it. He is determined to win her over though, so he treats her with every respect. With political manoeuvrings galore, plus a sweet and sensual romance, this book is more than just a Fairy Tale Retelling! This is an amazing book in its own right, and should definitely be recognised as such. Amazing story, with well-rounded and believable characters, this story will entice and enthral. 
I will say one thing about the ending without giving out any spoilers - BE CAREFUL!!! When I finished the ending, my kindle nearly went for a burton! It was so close to hitting the wall as I stomped around my home in disbelief. Without giving too many details, I sort of knew how it was going to end, without knowing the specific details. When those details came to life, I screeched as I couldn't believe it. It was a train wreck that I could see happening, without any means of stopping it! I was actually complaining to Blossom (my kindle) about her actions and what she should have done instead - much to the amusement of my husband may I just add!
With no editing or grammatical errors that I found, this story certainly deserves its 5-star rating. Absolutely fantastic and I really, REALLY, can't wait for the second book to see where it will go.
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