The Lightning Luminary (The Luminary Chronicles #1) by R.S. McCoy

The Lightning Luminary - R.S. McCoy
The Lightning Luminary is told from a number of perspectives, Mason and Talia being the main ones. Through their telling, we find out that Mason has an 'ordinary' life, whilst Talia is hiding from an old enemy - one who has already killed a lot of her friends and family. When they meet by chance on a train, Mason has a seizure that lands him in hospital. Upon his release, he find outs that Talia is one who helped him, so he tries to thank her.

It took a while for this story to settle down, but once it did, I was fully invested in the characters, what they were going through and why. I have numerous questions left over, which I am sure will be answered in later books. Being part of a series, it doesn't make sense for everything to be answered in one go!

Well written, with distinctive 'voices' for each of the perspectives, this is an enthralling read that will definitely leave you wanting more. Recommended.

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