Too Far Gone (Adirondack Pack #1) by K.C. Stewart

Too Far Gone (Adirondack Pack) (Volume 1) - K.C. Stewart
In Part One of Too Far Gone we get it all from Sadie's POV. We find out just why she has moved, what her issues are and what she is doing to try and resolve them. She is determined to move forward, but it's not as easy as she would like. Luckily for her, she 'befriends' a wolf, whom she calls Fred. Fred listens to her, helps her through a panic attack, and is basically everything she could ask for in a friend. Now, things are always peachy-keen between the two of them, as they both have issues, but throughout the book they realise that they are stronger together. In Part Two, we get a quick rehash of the story, but this time with the critical points from Tyson/Fred's POV. This is a wonderful part of the story, and it certainly added to the whole for me. The third Part is from both of them and deals with the upcoming climax to the story. 
This book was extremely well-written, with no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt the reading flow. Sadie is so much stronger than she thinks, and Tyson isn't as far gone as he thought (although he very nearly was!). With action, suspense, quick wit, humour and a dash of romance, this book gripped me from the very start. Definitely recommended by me.
* Verified Purchase - May 2016 *
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