On the Edge (Adirondack Pack #3) by K.C. Stewart

On the Edge (Adirondack Pack Book 3) - K.C. Stewart
We finally get Lee's story and it is a good one! It isn't all fluffy and light, if anything it is probably darker than the previous books as Lees spirals into a deep depression and severe anxiety. As someone who has suffered with this, I can honestly say that it reads true! It doesn't matter what anyone else tells you, until you believe it yourself, it is a moot point. This is where Lee is. She did wrong by deleting Mira's message, but everything worked out well in the end and everyone has forgiven her. However, she can't forgive herself so just carries on spiralling. The only time she feels she can be herself, without being judged, is online when she is gaming. This is also the time she can talk to Vince, without him knowing who she is - although not for lack of trying on his part. 
With a multitude of storylines in one book, we deal with Lee/Vince, Vince being attacked and disappearing, the Canidae (although not much), an Alpha meeting, and stuff to do with Mira and Sadie. Just like when Sadie when down in Mira's story, so Mira goes down in Lee's. Mira comes across as being just as selfish and self-centred as Sadie was accused of being. Plus big trauma of what might be. Luckily, Zach was on hand to tell some truths to her so everything was suddenly okay. 
With a few grammatical errors, this was still an enjoyable story and I look forward to more stories from the Adirondack Pack.
* I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review. *
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