Beyond the Sapphire Gate (The Flow of Power #1) by R.V. Johnson

Beyond the Sapphire Gate (The Flow of Power, #1) - R.V. Johnson
Beyond the Sapphire Gate is a blend of science fiction on Terra, and fantasy on Astura. These worlds collide when Crystalyn, her sister Jade, and her father Garn, all end up in Astura - different places though. They are all looking for each other whilst also trying to figure out the new world. Crystalyn comes out as a powerful 'player' in this world as she is capable of using symbols to defend herself, or to attack should the situation warrant it. Jade also has an ability - that to see the aura of people which includes seeing images. Garn appears to have gained in strength and physical ability, but he also has training too. 
This is an epic novel that goes into great detail about the politics and factions, whilst also leaving things out for future explanation. The characters are all well-written, whether you like them or not. My problem was with Crystalyn - as I never sympathised with her or her situation, which was an issue for me as most of the book is written from her point of view. There were aspects of her character that I just didn't like, and her wilful blindness to people and situations, even those directly involving her, became frustrating. There was also the character of Kara Laurel of the Circle of Light. Crystalyn meets her twice - dismisses her offer of training to preserve Crystalyn's health the first time, has no choice the second time. Then, right near the end of the book, Lord Charn is talking to some other of the Dark Users, and Kara Laurel is once again mentioned. So I'm now not sure if this is one and the same, or a different character altogether. 
An interesting and intriguing novel, with lots of action, and twists and turns. 
* I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review. *
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