Daybreak (Girl from the Stars #1) by Cheree Alsop

Girl from the Stars Book 1- Daybreak - Cheree Alsop
Daybreak introduces us to Liora as she is kept in a cage. You hope that things can only get better for her, but whilst she is in the 'care' of Mavilian then this seems unlikely. However, two Coalition officers find her and try to help her, only for Mavilian to find them. One of them, Devren, comes back and they manage to make it to his ship. There they are found and are held until the Captain can see them. During this time, the ship is attacked and everything hits the fan. 
Liora is a complicated character who has been through hell, in more ways than one, and yet survives. She is interesting and multi-layered, making every scene with her one to enjoy as you are never sure how she will react. 
Devren and Tariq are both brilliant main characters, although the possibility of a love triangle makes me slightly nervous. Let me just clarify by saying that nothing happens in this book apart from action and adventure, but the hint is there. 
A brilliant start to a new Science Fiction Action series and definitely recommended by me.
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