Daylight (Girl from the Stars #2) by Cheree Alsop

Daylight (Girl from the Stars #2) - Cheree Alsop
We begin back with Liora and Tariq as they try to escape from Obruo. Through a series of adventures, they make their way back to where Tariq calls home, in the hope that Dev will realise and meet them there, which is indeed what happens. 
This story is just as fast-paced as the first one, but somehow seems richer. Whether that is because I know the characters now, although new ones are also introduced, or whether it is because I have an idea of what our heroes need to do and why, I'm not sure. All I do know is that this book gripped me from beginning to end. 
As far as the love triangle I was concerned about... let me put you at ease. Dev now knows about Tariq and Liora and is happy for them both, showing no signs of jealousy or being 'put out'. I'm really happy about this, although I do hope that he finds his special someone too. Tariq and Liora have a steep hill to climb, but I am seriously hoping that they can manage it together.
Definitely recommended for all Sci-Fi Action Adventure (with a dash of Romance) fans out there.
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