Day's End (Girl from the Stars #3) by Cheree Alsop

Day's End - Cheree Alsop
We start Day's End where Daylight finished. Devren, Tariq and Liora have landed on Verdan to discover that Obruo has been there and quite literally demolished the place. Everyone they knew is now dead, and Mrs M and Kiari have been taken by Obruo. Liora also discovers more about her father as she meets her half-brother, who has spent years searching for her. 
This part of the series is just as full of action and adventure as you could want. The connection between Tariq and Liora gets deeper and they become a pair, rather than two separate people. Things are never easy though, and the Coalition is trying their best to kill them, along with other, as yet unidentified, enemies. With the Omne Occasus still to destroy, an enemy to vanquish, and the Coalition to sort out, will these two ever get their HEA?
A brilliant book that is gripping and multi-layered from the start to the very last page. Highly recommended by me.
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