Day's Journey (Girl from the Stars #4) by Cheree Alsop

Day's Journey (Girl from the Stars #4) - Cheree Alsop
Starting from where we left off, Tariq is on his feet, and with Liora, heading into danger once more. This time though, Devren stays behind as Liora's father has given him a job in his fleet. Along with some familiar faces, Liora and Tariq go to rescue Brandis. They know it's a trap, but hope that by knowing, they will somehow survive it. Things take a twist though when the Ketulans attack the Nines that they are travelling in. Liora finds herself in a fight which has nothing to do with her to begin with, but once she finds out more about what she is fighting for, quickly makes it her own. She does what needs to be done, and instead, brings the army with her to rescue her brother.
This book broke me apart! Quite simply, from Chapter 13 onwards (roughly 57%) I was in tears. And not quiet sniffles either, but great big heartwrenching sobs that tore through my body, leaving me feeling exhausted with red eyes and a runny nose!!! It was lovely - not!! Just as I thought I was getting past it, Liora would have a memory, or flashback, or something, and I would start off again.
I love it when a character becomes so believable at the author's hands that this happens! Okay, so maybe I didn't like it as I was reading because the sense of loss was unbelievable, but still...
Push past the tears and enjoy this book as it is a wonderful jewel in the crown of this series. I really can't recommend it highly enough.
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