Finding Joy Street (The Tarot Series #1) by Melissa Belle

Finding Joy Street - Melissa Belle
Finding Joy Street isn't your normal, run-of-the-mill, contemporary romance. What you get is a helluva lot more than what you see. Cali Blue gives across the impression of being permanently positive and "practically perfect in every way". However, she is dealing with a whole lot more than what she allows people to see, and this also influences her career of choice. When she meets London for the first time, sparks fly, but not in the way you expect. If I remember correctly, a "prick in a nice suit" is one description of him. However, he gets under Cali's skin and not always in a bad way. When she needs help, he is there unconditionally. 
I thoroughly enjoyed how these two got to know each other, figuring out the puzzle of what makes Cali/London Cali/London! The attraction is there, and it does yo-yo for a while, but Melissa Belle allows their relationship to grow way beyond just a quick romp. 
If I had one 'bad' thing to say it would be that the place names being names got a bit old, but consider that just one of my personal quirks. About the story itself, I can give nothing bad. It deals with some major issues in a sensitive and sympathetic way, without glamorising or playing the victim card. 
Extremely well written, and a joy to read, I look forward to more from The Tarot Series. Definitely recommended. 
* I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review. *
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