End Street Vol 2 By Amber Kell & RJ Scott

End Street Volume 2 (End Street Detective Agency) - Amber Kell, R.J. Scott
We continue Sam and Bob's adventures in the new volume of the End Street Series. They are still trying to place all of the children that they rescued from the sirens, but there is one child that doesn't respond to them. Mikhail spends some time with her whilst Bob and Sam are looking at schools for Mal, only for the sirens to make a reappearance. He fights them and tries to protect the child from another being that has entered the bathroom. The other being ends up being Jin, who is actually there to protect Eliza who turns out to be a Dragon princess. In the second story, we meet Nick, who is half-human and half Christmas Elf. He doesn't think highly of himself due to the derogatory remarks that have constantly come his way from his family. He meets Zeph, an angel. 
In both of these stories, the fated mates bond snaps into place immediately for one, whilst the other takes at least a couple of minutes longer. Sam and Bob still have the same, amusing and hot relationship. With each book, the story gets deeper and the characters more intricate. Definitely recommended if you want a light, humorous, paranormal, M/M story!
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