Should Have Put a Leash on It (Blood Moon Pack Alliance #4) by S.A. Welsh

Should have Put a Leash On It - S.A. Welsh
Book four is all about Rylan and Micah. You actually hear more about Rylan's history in one go in the synopsis than in the rest of the book, as it is told as snippets and flashbacks. If you have read the previous books, you already know that Rylan and Micah are at each others' throats most of the time, and that it is probably due to unresolved sexual tension. Things seem to be set between them though - that is, until Rylan get kidnapped by Trevor. 
This book is a bit darker than the rest, with torture, post-traumatic stress, and brain-washing just some of the subjects covered. It also edges slightly towards Sci-Fi with talk of brain chips and retina cameras. Still, the story is intriguing, full of anguish and horror. 
I really enjoyed this book and the turn that it has taken, however, it came in as a 4-star for me. Something was missing, and I'm not sure what. If I figure it out, I'll let you know. Still a damn fine book though, and definitely recommended.
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