30 Pieces of Bloody Silver (Blood Moon Pack Alliance #6) by S.A. Welsh

30 Pieces of Bloody Silver (Blood Moon Pack Alliance Book 6) - SA Welsh
30 Pieces of Bloody Silver takes us back to the main story, and in spectacular fashion. Asher and Jake slowly become friends, and Asher convinces him to join the Pack. On his first night there, the Pack is attacked and Jake's old Pack try to take him back. This is only a diversion though, and they see a vampire going after Saffron and Rosemary's pups. Following a hunch, Asher (and his new pup, Parker) go back to his old Pack whilst trying to find Kimi. Asher's old Pack are brilliant, and I hope that I see more of them in the future. With one thing and another, Asher realises that he has been blessed with two mates, both of them male. 
I loved this book! To see the depth of Asher's bonds, both his mate bonds and the one to his Pack, and what happens when they are in dispute with each other was wonderful to read. Heartbreaking, but wonderful, as it gave such insight to how the bonds affect each wolf. 
This is the last book, for now, but I am absolutely hooked and I can't wait for more. Just like the others, this book was well written, with no editing or grammatical errors that I could see. Definitely recommended.
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