90 Days (Prairie Town #2) by T.E. Ridener

90 Days - T.E. Ridener
90 Days is the story of Laney (Lydia's sister) and Benji (Lydia's friend). Lydia was unaware that Laney suffered with depression from childhood, and was actually admitted into hospital with it. Depression is an insidious illness that can strike without rhyme or reason, and I think that T.E. Ridener managed to convey this incredibly well. With Lydia freaking out over her perfect wedding, plus not knowing Benji's feelings, plus finding things out about both Lydia and Jeb and feeling completely left out, it came as no surprise to find that Laney was sliding back into depression. It is not predictable, and makes no sense to others, but there is no denying the feeling of when you know you are slipping.
I loved Tula's bookshop, and the names of the series and authors that were dropped! ;) 
I still can't get my head around Ags, but I'm going with the flow more now and not trying to figure anything out each time.
Still very well written, with only a slight issue from the formatting gremlin who paid a visit with chapter headings, this book was completely enjoyable. Definitely recommended by me.

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