Ren: The Man Behind the Monster (Ren Series #1) by Sarah Noffke

Ren: The Man Behind the Monster - Sarah Noffke
Ren: The Man Behind the Monster is all about Ren Lewis, a character I first met during Sarah Noffke's The Reverians series. Ren is the quintessential anti-hero - he is confident in his abilities, views most others as being beneath him, and has no time for the general niceties of life. He does make a few attachments though, and these also have an impact upon his life when they leave him. 
This gives quite a good detailed history into Ren himself, plus the background circumstances that he has lived through. We find out about his best friend, his mother, his sister, his lover. And through it all, we learn about Ren. 
He still remains a character that I am divided on. I loved him and his attitude in The Reverians, but he remains a man of mystery in this book. There is always a reason for him acting the way he does, and I can't help feel that the 'biographical' feel to his book is done deliberately. He is only telling part of the story - (and yes, I do know that it is really Sarah Noffke writing it.)
For an interesting and enthralling read, without any of the fluff and flowers, then I can highly recommend it.
* Verified Purchase - July 2016 *
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