The Corpse King (Tale of Eisengoth #1) by Christopher Kellen

The Corpse King (Tales of Eisengoth Book 1) - Christopher Kellen

The Corpse King is a novella designed to be an introduction to Tale of Eisengoth, however, it felt like I'd been dropped into their world with no idea of what was what. They have flaming blue "manna" swords. They stab themselves in the heart with a crystal needle. They are called Arbiters, but no clear understanding of who or what they are is given. Maybe I need everything given to me on a plate, but instead of world building, it was already fully formed by the time I started to read.


It was written well, with no editing or grammatical errors to be seen. With detailed and sometimes gruesome descriptions, this is not for the young or faint of heart. A good story that I enjoyed, but without enough world building for me.


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