Hidden Design, the Prophecy by Tia Tormen & CK Stone

Hidden Design, the Prophecy - Tia Tormen, CK Stone
Hidden Design, the Prophecy is about an interior designer who finds out exactly what her customers want in a 'slightly' unorthodox manner. She gets called by her friend, Paul, who works at the FBI, to see if she can help with a missing child. This unlocks the door to more than she can possibly realise, and she tumbles headfirst into the rabbit hole. 
This story is well written, with a smooth and flowing pace that builds up nicely to the climatic ending. With a series of shocks and twists to go through, there is something here for everyone. Funnily enough, the main male (who also has hints as the 'romance' lead) is the one person that she DOESN'T sleep with immediately. That would be the one thing for me - Mikki starts off by having sex with a couple or so 'special' clients. Then she is basically sleeping with anyone and everyone, with no willpower or inclination to say no; and still being surprised by her actions the following morning. Surely once she's found herself in this situation once or twice, she can realise and stop it from happening again?
Apart from that, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The ending wraps everything up for this story, whilst keeping things open for the next. Certainly an interesting read, and definitely recommended by me.
* I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review. *
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