The Girl (Guardians #1) by Lola St.Vil

The Girl (Guardians #1) - Lola St.Vil
The Girl is the first book in a new series by Lola St. Vil. It tells the story of Guardian Angels, plus others, that are fighting the good fight, and this is the year that will bring things to a climax. They need to find the Triplex, and they also need to find a boy/man called Emerson. The only only trouble is - Emmerson, otherwise known as Emmy, is a fifteen-year-old girl.
Now, there are parts of this book and characters that I loved. I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed every scene they were in. And then there were parts and characters that I didn't love, at all! The trouble is, two of those characters are main leads - Marcus and Emmy. Marcus is with fellow Guardian, Ameana, and has also been warned away from Emmy by the Sage, who is thousands of years old. He says he doesn't want to hurt Ameana, but thinks nothing of doing or saying things in front of her which, OMG, have GOT to sting! Emmy is a young girl, with no experience of dating (or of life pretty much) with a B.I.G. streak of "poor me", that falls instantly in love with Marcus, and wants him to leave Ameana for her. Marcus is pretty much a tool all the way through. He treats Ameana to a nice date, and then leaves to be Emmy. He treats her to a lovely Valentine's Day, and then breaks up with her. I mean, come on, SERIOUSLY?!?!? And people are bad-mouthing Ameana for acting jealous? Yeesh!!
The strange thing is, with everything that I didn't like, I still found this book to be strangely compelling. The world building is excellent, with a range of Angels and Demons that are still shiny and new. Plus you have Pawns, Sellers, and Runners. Different layers, different meanings, but all very well explained. One of my favourite parts of the book is when Emmy asks if Donald Trump is a Runner. Quite hilarious given the 2016 Elections!!
This is well written, with a few editing and grammatical errors, but nothing too major in a book of this size. I would recommend this to fans of the YA, Angels/Demons genre, who don't mind a love triangle.
* Verified Purchase - January 2013 *
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