Elfbitten (Taryn Malloy Fantasy #1) by Leila Bryce Sin

Elfbitten  - Leila Bryce Sin
Elfbitten is a short and steamy novella about a Bright Elf who is dragged to a club by her well-meaning BFF as she has spent six weeks moping around the house, following a break-up with her boyfriend of three years. 
There is lots of 'dancing' (fae style) involved with this story, plus other characters that I would love to know more about. Taryn also sees her ex at the club with his new bit of stuff, so there is some fun there too. 
Basically, this novella is a short, hot, and fun read. It is the start of a new novella-serial that I would love to read more about. Definitely recommended by me.
* Verified Purchase - November 2012 *
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