REVIEW BY DEBBIE - Between the Devil and the Darkness by Lindy Spencer

Between the Devil and the Darkness - Lindy Spencer

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I don't know what I was expecting from the above blurb, but I really was surprised by this little anthology of ten short stories by the same author.

They are DARK, some far darker than others, some creeped me out and one I did not like. Some are written in the third person, some in the first. I didn't mind that here, because they are only shorts.

I can't write a review for each story, simply because I will be here all day but I will say this much. I want to read a much longer book by this author. My go-to genre, pre-kindle days was horror. And I'd LOVE to read a longer book, something that I can get my teeth into and be totally and utterly bat-poop scared. 

4 stars

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* I purchased my copy of this book in March 2014 *