#SPOTLIGHT - Delilah's Vampire by Alicia Rayn

Delilah's Vampire - Alicia Rayn

A love no amount of time could erase... A betrayal he couldn’t forget... 

Ever since Delilah betrayed him, Samson has hungered for revenge. But when he discovers her in modern-day New York, he begins to doubt everything he thought he knew. 

Beset by conflicting desires and old enemies, Samson finds both his heart and his existence threatened for the first time in three thousand years. Will he finally meet his fate or will Delilah free him from the past and help him lay claim to the future? 

Delilah’s Vampire is “a bonafide fresh and original vampire novel” with a “rich and complex multi-leveled plot.” Fans of the Anita Blake series looking for a harder-edged vampire world and those who love an origin story will want to add this book to their collections. 



Source: http://archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2016/10/spotlight-delilahs-vampire-by-alicia.html