REVIEW BY HELEN - Evan (Heart Valley Romance #1) by Linsey Lanier

Evan: The McDaniel Family (A Heart Valley Romance Book 1) - Linsey Lanier
She can’t survive another broken heart.

The last thing Amanda Wynd wants is to come back home to Heart Valley where her heart was torn to shreds by Evan McDaniel four years ago. But her best friend Jamie needs her sales skills to help start her business, so here she is. But she’s going back to her life in New York as soon as Jamie is on her feet. Hopefully before she has to lay eyes on the handsome rancher.

Evan McDaniel, heir to the McDaniel Resort Ranch, has thought of Mandy every day since she left four years ago, even though he knows it could never work between them. He’s been avoiding going into town ever since he heard she’s back. But when his crew finds evidence of foul play on the ranch that could ruin its reputation and destroy the business his father entrusted to him, he realizes he needs the woman he’s been longing for more than ever.

And maybe for more than just business.



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