The Onyx Dragon (Shapeshifter Dragon Legends #2) by Marc Secchia

The Onyx Dragon - Marc Secchia
This book was outstanding as far as I am concerned! I thoroughly enjoyed book 1, The Pygmy Dragon, and one-clicked this one as soon as I had finished. The story continues to entice and enthral, as Pip goes against Marshall (the big bad) in an attempt to save dragonkind. There is a lot of action in here, so be prepared. New characters are introduced, we re-meet old favourites, and the storyline continues to excel.
Exceptionally well written, with no 'slumps' for me, there were also no editing or grammatical errors that I noticed. Exciting and full of action, this was a wonderful story - with double crossing, intrigue, torture - you name it!
One thing I will say, well two things really. First of all, if you're like me, then you will probably need a kleenex or two with you whilst you read this. And secondly, be prepared for an ending that will take your breath away.
The Onyx Dragon is the second (and final) book of the Shapeshifter Dragon Legends series, but the story doesn't finish here - just in case you were worried. You can continue the story with Aranya, like I intend to as once again, I've succumbed to one-click madness! I am not prepared to leave this story just yet, and that is not something I say lightly! Most definitely recommended by me. 
* Verified Purchase - August 2016 *
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