REVIEW BY MERISSA - The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding (Italian Billionaires #1) by Jennifer Blake

The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding - Jennifer Blake
The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding is the story of Amanda, a young woman determined never to put herself on the line for a man after watching the train wreck that was her mother after her father died. Her vows take a bashing though when Nico turns up to inform her that her brother had driven his car off a cliff, which Nico's sister beside him. The attraction is instantaneous, and so is the drama.
This is an ok contemporary story, but I'm afraid to say it is because of stories like this that Contemporary stopped being my favourite genre. Amanda's hard won values disappear like smoke in the mist once Nico turns up. He is very rigid in his views, but of course (!), Amanda will set him straight and bring him into the current century. However, when he is ignoring her option to not drink (due to her own family history and reasons), and basically is riding roughshod over her justification, AND SHE GOES ALONG WITH IT!!, this is when it got a bit much for me. 
If you like a 'strong' male lead, with a 'dependent' female, then this is probably the book for you.
* Verified Purchase - March 2013 *
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