The Gateway (The Harbinger of Doom Saga #1 novella length) by Glenn G. Thater

The Gateway - Glenn G. Thater
The Gateway is a novella which set the scene for the Harbinger of Doom Saga. We meet Lord Angle Theta for the first time, as he meets up with an old friend, Gabriel. Unfortunately, the circumstances aren't very good as the Lord of the House has gone missing, along with a group of knights, rangers, and his wizard. Theta goes along with the new group to help, but it appears that he knows more than he is saying.
This is a well written fantasy novella, in what I would class as 'old school' style. There is plenty of action going on, including a battle with Bhaal, as well as others that you may have heard of. It is fast-paced, giving just enough detail to speed the story along, but you are still left wanting more. There were no editing or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading flow. Definitely recommended.
* Verified Purchase - March 2013 *
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