REVIEW BY DEBBIE - Worth a Shot by Cari Z

Worth a Shot - Cari Z.
Samara didn't want a room mate, but she needed one. Kate seemed perfect, especially with her extra security measures. A single picture posted online cause it all to come apart and Katie and Sam's lives are now in danger.

A nice easy read, and I do mean that in a GOOD way!!  Perfect of a lunch break, bath tub, hang over read. But I read it on a plane! Its only short, 47 pages, little over an hour reading time.

It's not complicated, although Katie's reason for those extra security measures is not what I first thought. But I liked that I was proven wrong. 

Nor is it overly explicit, but again, a good thing for THIS book. 

It is only Sam who has a say. And of course I wanted to hear from Katie, you know I do. But here, I really REALLY wanted to hear why she felt safe with Sam. How she felt when the above mention reason found her. How she felt when she had to leave, and I really wanted to know why she chased Sam across the continent. 

4 solid stars.

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